Other Types of Intruder Detection and Deterrent Systems

As a professional security consultant, you should always be on the lookout for new and innovative advances in the area of security. Some of these “fringe” systems can provide you with important differentiators that provide a competitive advantage, which is the name of the game!

Commercial security systems can be augmented with a variety of innovative components and devices beyond traditional alarms, cameras, and sensors. These advanced solutions offer unique approaches to deterrence, detection, and identification of intruders. Here are some additional components that could be included:

Security Smoke Systems

  • Description: These systems rapidly fill an area with a dense, harmless smoke or fog upon activation, making it difficult for intruders to see, navigate, or continue their theft. The smoke is non-toxic and designed not to damage goods or interiors.
  • Application: Ideal for high-value retail environments, warehouses, and banking institutions to prevent theft or vandalism during a break-in.

DNA Marker Systems

  • Description: A system that sprays a unique, invisible DNA liquid on intruders, which can be detected under UV light and is very difficult to remove. Each system’s DNA marker is unique and can be traced back to the specific location, providing forensic evidence to law enforcement.
  • Application: Useful in a variety of settings, particularly in retail, banking, and storage facilities where identifying and prosecuting intruders is a priority.

Intruder Spray Systems

  • Description: Similar to DNA marker systems, these systems spray a non-toxic, colored dye or a unique scent marker on intruders, making them easily identifiable by police long after the incident.
  • Application: Effective in deterring robberies in places like jewelry stores, banks, or any establishment that contains high-value items.

Sound Detection Systems

  • Description: Systems that use audio analytics to detect specific sounds, such as breaking glass, gunshots, or forced entry, triggering alarms or notifications to security personnel.
  • Application: Useful in educational institutions, retail spaces, and office buildings to enhance situational awareness and response to incidents.

These additional components and devices represent the cutting edge of commercial security technology, offering sophisticated solutions to enhance the detection, deterrence, and documentation of security incidents. By integrating these systems, a security sales consultant can provide a higher level of safety and security for clients as well as stand out in a highly competitive field.