Email Newsletter

Once your 3G Sunset landing page has been set up on your website, it’s time to get your clients to visit this page and request an appointment. Start by sending them an email. You can do this manually, although it will be time-consuming and won’t allow you to track responses. That’s why we strongly suggest you send this communication through an e-newsletter service such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Besides the ability to track opens and click-throughs, an e-newsletter is more likely to get through spam filters and can be easily forwarded and shared on social media.

If you don’t currently have an e-newsletter, this is a great time to get one going. It will be useful not only for this project, but is a great business development tool every security dealer and integrator should be using.

If you need help setting up your e-newsletter, we’ve got you covered. See the Resources area.