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Learn From the Security Industry’s Top Experts


 Business Development | Sales Training & Coaching | Management & Growth Resources


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Strategy & Planning

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Top-level sales professionals know that having a clear plan keeps them motivated and focused on reaching their goals.

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Sales Process

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Discover how to easily and effortlessly turn prospects into lifelong customers and watch your closing rate start to soar.

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Nine-Time Award Winner
(Twice for Best Dealer Support Program)

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Two-Time Award Winner

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Business Development

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Do you need more high-quality sales opportunities? Learn how to keep your pipeline full, day in and day out.

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Sales Management

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From hiring to training and motivation, learn how to build a dynamic sales team that self-generates new business 24/7.



Commercial Security Sales Mastery

A comprehensive online course designed for individuals aiming to excel in the sales of advanced security and fire protection solutions in commercial settings.

This specialized course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the complex world of commercial security and fire systems. You will learn about the latest technologies in intrusion detection, surveillance, access control, and fire safety. Modules cover a range of essential topics, including technical aspects of security and fire systems, understanding client needs, crafting tailored solutions, effective sales strategies, and compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Throughout the course, you will engage in interactive lessons and hands-on exercises that will help you to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in this field. You will also learn how to communicate effectively with clients, understand their specific security concerns, and propose solutions that not only meet their needs but also adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Whether you are new to the field or looking to enhance your existing skills, this course offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you succeed in the commercial security and fire system market. Join us to embark on a journey to become a proficient and successful sales professional in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.


Business Development for Security Sales Professionals

An in-depth online course crafted for sales and marketing professionals looking to elevate their strategic approach in this competitive sector. This course is tailored to provide advanced techniques and insights for driving business growth and enhancing market presence in the field of electronic security.

In this comprehensive program, you'll explore cutting-edge methods for identifying market opportunities, developing strategic partnerships, and creating value propositions that resonate with customers in the electronic security domain. Key topics include market analysis, competitive positioning, innovation in security technology, digital marketing strategies, and customer engagement strategies.

Ideal for experienced sales and marketing professionals in the electronic security industry, this course offers a deep dive into advanced business development techniques. Whether you're looking to expand your company's market share, introduce new products, or build stronger customer relationships, this course provides the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve your goals and drive your organization's success. Join us to unlock new growth opportunities and take your business development skills to the next level in the electronic security industry.

Take First

Security Sales Mastery

For many security salespeople, managers and business owners, trying to reach their sales goals is like putting together a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s a challenge figuring out how all the pieces fit together—and some pieces always seem to be missing!

Security Sales Mastery not only gives you all the pieces, it clearly explains how to put them together to boost sales like never before. It’s your personal guide to security sales success. You’ll learn the powerful techniques used by top security sales professionals. How they position themselves as the #1 security experts in their market areas, develop large and reliable streams of new business opportunities, bring in sales day-in and day-out, dominate their competition and earn huge incomes. That can be your situation in a very short time!

Need more high-quality security sales leads? Then Security Sales Mastery is the key you’ve been looking for. You’ll learn all about the market for security, where to find the best prospects, how to create a territory marketing plan, keep your sales pipeline continually full of high-quality sales appointments and keep prospects from even considering your competitors.

You’ll learn each crucial step in a winning security sales process, including pre-call preparation, building rapport, needs analysis, system design, negotiation and closing, post-call follow up and getting referrals. You’ll be armed with what to say, how to say it, and the tools and techniques you need to get your prospects to say “Yes!” on every sales call.

Market Leadership with XTL Series: Growth-Focused Strategies for Dealers


Step-by-Step Security Sales & Marketing Courses

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Learn how to succeed like never before through in-depth modular courses on security sales business development, marketing and sales processes, emerging technologies, sales and marketing management and more.

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The Tools You Need to Put Your Plan Into Action

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Powerful, results-producing business development and sales tools. Including the in-depth training you need to use them to maximum effect. Worth thousands of dollars, included with your SST membership!

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Live Security Sales Coaching Sessions

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Live, online workshops on security business development and sales processes to boost your results to ever higher levels of success. The coaching and support you need to reach your goals.

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A Constant Stream of New Success Ideas

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Hard-hitting, use-right-now ideas and concepts to develop more business opportunities, close more sales and create a competitive advantage. Including discussions with innovative business leaders and sales pros inside and outside the security industry.

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What Clients, Partners and Industry Leaders Are Saying


Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief & Associate Publisher
Security Sales & Integration

SST is an outstanding resource that has been badly needed for a very long time.  We are excited to partner with SST on the Securing Success program to further assist dealers, integrators, manufacturers and service providers in reaching their goals. I encourage every sales and marketing professional in the security industry to join, learn and contribute.

Ron Davis
Davis Marketing Group and "The Big Idea" with Ron Davis (Security Sales Magazine)

Anybody who takes the time to study, adapt and apply the principles you’ve outlined is going to find themselves among the top 5% of successful people selling security systems. Of equal importance, it’s a great resource for sales managers to use in sales training. Everyone in sales in the security industry should get access to your sales training and tools.

Ken Murray
American Alert Security

What a great resource! Has really been a shot-in-the-arm for our business.

Beth Croteau
Retail Security Gates

What a privilege to work with Greg!! He has done a great job on our website as well as providing us with helpful, creative marketing ideas. Greg is an expert in his field and was willing to work with us at a very fair cost. Contact him... you won't be disappointed!!

Jeff Brummett
American Sentry Guard

Outstanding! Very practical resources for security sales professionals.

Russ Ackerman
Proven Sales Strategies

I have checked out Greg's sales training program and it is "top-notch". Greg has set up various sales training programs that will work with commercial sales as well as residential. I am recommending SST at all my speaking engagements. His training modules are down to earth, grass roots techniques that will work for you and your team.

Bob All
Custom Security

Greg is my "go to guy" when it comes to anything related to security marketing and sales. He has played a key role in helping us become the leading independent security dealer in the lowcountry of South Carolina.

Scott Gordon
ASG Security

I've been through many sales training programs, and in my opinion SST is hands-down the best sales training resource in the security industry.

Bill Murray
Evergreen Security

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Security Sales Mastery. I have way too many things to do than I have time for these days and I certainly didn’t plan on reading your book from cover to cover as soon as I got it. The problem was that once I started reading it, I simply couldn’t stop! You have validated everything that has ever worked for me and pointed out many things that I should have been doing to become even more successful. I wish I had found this resource years ago and want my current sales people to begin using it immediately.

Tom Willett
Safeco Security

I felt as though I had hit a wall. Thanks to your training I am feeling more confident than ever. I have already closed a major deal using the strategy in this program.

Dan Foxx
All Guard Systems

I have been in sales and sales management for over twenty years. I have yet to find a program as comprehensive and effective as yours at increasing business. In the first month we implemented your program we enjoyed our highest sales dollar month in 15 months. We are now on target to achieve our aggressive sales goals, and I attribute a great deal of our success to your knowledge, programs and commitment to results.

Raul Mendiondo
Secure Smart LLC

Really good! Many systems for lead generation.

Michael Bradshaw
Maximum Security Solutions

You guys did an incredible job. We love what you’ve done and excited to see it all come together so fast. The team at SST was a Godsend, no doubt.

Dean Belisle

I've been an admirer of Greg's for years. He's helped me over the years and does a fantastic job for his clients.

Garrett Auld
Hue & Cry Security

Your program is like pulling the critical log off a logjam. I now have so many ideas that the whole thing flows, and we have already started increasing our sales.

Ed Michel
Valley Alarm

I’m totally on board with the message in Security Sales Mastery. Our sales guys are starting to catch fire with your ideas and concepts. It’s become my sales Bible.

Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown

The e-book was amazing, as were the principles and techniques Greg taught throughout.

Amaro Tagarro
Chillida Sistemas de Seguridad

Covers everything in security sales: how to close a deal, negotiate, security sales marketing. I really wish I would have found it earlier.

Jen Tagle

You're so good at this, Greg! The training modules are super clean and professional. You’re doing such amazing work! Thank you for making a positive difference in our world!

Peter Mason
Mason Alarms & Electrical

Absolutely fantastic information. Much of what you advise I do already instinctively, but to have it all in one place and presented in an organized manner… I finally have direction!

Brian Silverthorn
Success Systems

I first met Greg when he was the head of the marketing department of an SaaS business. We immediately hit it off because he's a likable guy and we have a similar philosophy of business. He's my "go to" guy when it comes to sales and marketing. He has always given me great advice when I talk to him about ideas and strategies. I have the highest respect and admiration for him as a sales & marketing pro and as a person.

Building a successful business is a team endeavor, and Greg is someone you definitely want on your team. He has vast experience in the marketing world and generously shares his knowledge with others. He thinks out of the box, offers great suggestions based on the results you're looking for, and is easy to work with. Greg has my highest recommendation. He's on my team and he should be on yours.

Ed Ocean
Alarm Security Protection

Your training has been very inspiring and given us a chance to reset our strategy on sales. Even our guys who have been around a long time and gotten a little set in their ways have learned a lot and it has really increased sales. We appreciate your work and the positive effect it’s having on our business.

Brian Clough
Auckland Security Cameras Ltd

Really useful. I’m using your training as the basis for building a stronger marketing system.

Craig O’Neil
HomeBridge Security

I read Security Sales Mastery cover-to-cover over the weekend and then ordered copies for my entire sales staff. Excellent ideas and tools to improve the sales process and maximize results.

Dan Boyd
Boyd & Associates

Awesome! Updated for the 21st Century. It really takes the guesswork out of security sales and marketing.

Jimmy Nay
Control Freaks

Greg is one of those "one-in-a-million" type of guys. You can trust what he says, it works, and he holds much pride in the service that he provides. Greg makes you a priority. His approach is detailed and caring. It's rare that you find someone who stands by good ethics. I highly recommend Greg.

Tony Huffstutter
Avery Security

I am very impressed with the program. There are many new ideas we are looking forward to implementing. Exactly what I was hoping for and what we needed. You far exceeded my expectations.

Gary Franklin
Centric Security (UK)

More good information in one video than in half the books out there. Serious! Keep up the good work!

Bob Harris
Attrition Busters

Security Sales Training is a priceless resource for anyone serious about stimulating their success in security sales and marketing. The transformative wisdom delivered by some of the security industry's most successful practitioners is an invaluable resource strategically designed to deliver lasting results for anyone, whether you have twenty-minutes or twenty-years of sales experience. The distinguished panel discussions and educational modules go far over and above traditional curriculum to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to many of our industry's toughest challenges. I give Greg Rankin and Security Sales Training two thumbs up!

Harvey Eisenstadt
Sales Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor, Author

The videocast roundtable moderated by Greg Rankin of Security Sales Training was well organized and delivered a wealth of valuable actions that security salespeople can immediately employ on their journey to success. Greg had the right questions and the participants responded with answers derived from their personal experiences as successful salespeople and trainers. This was my first videocast roundtable with Greg Rankin and I am looking forward to many more with him. Well done and really presented beautifully. Should be very informative to any salesperson or management personnel.

L. Earle Graham
Covenant Security Consulting

I have known and worked with Greg for many years, ever since he helped lead our growth surge at Westec Security. If you need help with your sales and marketing program, you should definitely put him on your team.

Jake Voll
SS&Si Dealer Network

If you're in sales – and we're all in sales – you have to invest in yourself! You owe it to your coworkers, your employees, your family, and yourself!!

Greg Rankin's Security Sales Mastery is an INCREDIBLE resource that lives up to its name. He provides a simple, no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to developing new business that all sales reps, sales managers, and business owners in the security industry should take to heart.

Anyone in the security business who wants to maximize their ability to sell, or maximize the ability of others to sell, should go through this program.

Those who know me, know that I've made it my mission to help independent security dealers win! So stop what you're doing (unless you're selling a security system) and take the time to learn AND apply what Security Sales Mastery has to offer! If you don't, you're shortchanging yourself and the folks who rely on you to win business. It's that simple.

I'll say it again, STOP, LEARN, and APPLY Security Sales Mastery today! You won't regret it.

Cliff Wright
Home Security & Sound

Greg has been nothing short of a blessing for our company. The advice he has to offer from his experiences has helped, and continues to help our company grow and progress. His book "Security Sales Mastery" was our first experience of Greg's vast insight into our field. Since then he's helped navigate us through obstacles of all sorts in our never ending quest for security dominance. My sales staff and I think hist training is fantastic! We’ve been applying his tactics and it’s been working great!

Ron Lenz

Our dealers gave great reviews on your security sales seminar. Our attendees tell us they used what they learned to increase sales, and we have the success stories to prove it!

Kelly Washburn
iTech Secure

Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m very excited to have all of these new ideas and tools.

Jeff Naumow
Pointman Security

Greg did a wonderful job walking us through the process and quickly exceeded our expectations. I will definitely be using him for future projects.

Brett Beatty
Signal 88 Security

I learned a lot of techniques that can be applied to my security business. You also got me interested in other opportunities I hadn't considered before.

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