SST is an outstanding resource that has been badly needed for a very long time.  We are excited to partner with SST on the Securing Success program to further assist dealers, integrators, manufacturers and service providers in reaching their goals. I encourage every sales and marketing professional in the security industry to join, learn and contribute.

Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief & Associate Publisher
Security Sales & Integration

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the new Securing Success program.

This program is designed to provide a number of critical advantages and benefits for security equipment manufacturers, service providers, dealers and integrators. These benefits are centered on highly-focused online business development and sales training programs designed to significantly boost bottom-line sales results.

How It Works

  • Every month, an article will be included in the digital edition of Security Sales & Integration (SS&I) that focuses on how to leverage new technology to create business opportunities
  • The article will focus on a specific technology highlighted in that issue of SS&I
  • This article will include some of the best ideas from participating equipment manufacturers and service providers, as well as dealer/integrator sales and marketing professionals
  • Each article will include a “call-to-action” link to a course on that expands on the ideas in the article
  • The course will also include step-by-step business development and sales training
  • Additional resources will be provided to help dealers and integrators implement these programs, including blog posts, videos, e-newsletters, social media marketing, sales collaterals, etc.
  • Courses will be co-developed between SST and participating manufacturers and service providers

See the video on this page for additional details.

Program Benefits for Manufacturers & Service Providers

  • Provides an innovative method to train and support dealers and integrators to increase product and service sales
  • Creates and builds relationships with security dealers and integrators and their sales and marketing teams
  • Increases product and service sales
  • Provides a direct method to incorporate products and services into dealer and integrator marketing plans and programs (we work directly with them to create their marketing plans and develop go-to-market tools)
  • Develops critical market research data for use in sales, marketing and R&D programs
  • Adds an additional source of highly-qualified sales leads
  • Yields a highly attractive cost-per-lead and ROI (see FAQs)

Program Benefits for Dealers and Integrators

  • Delivers a “turnkey” solution to implement business development and sales programs for a specific product or service technology
  • Provides a ready-to-use training platform to make sales consultants immediately more productive
  • Directs them to sales and business development resources available through participating manufacturers and service providers
  • Increases sales and helps dealers and integrators achieve their goals and objectives
Continual sales training is required to sharpen sales skills, keep abreast of the latest thinking, develop better buyer engagement skills and close more deals. With the help of an online sales training provider, a cost-effective sales training program will be up and running in no time.

Benefits of Online Sales Training

Sales teams who completed online training delivered 23.2 percent more pipeline than similar teams who received live classroom training.

Can Online Sales Training Work Better Than the Classroom?

Online sales training is valuable because it can be engaged in at any time or place via mobile device, increasing the likelihood of employees regularly participating and learning new sales techniques. The result is often better sales and a healthier bottom line.

3 Statistics that Prove the Business Value of Online Sales Training

88% of SS&I Readers Are Highly Involved In Dealer/Integrator Purchase Decisions

Securing Success 2020 Topic Calendar

May, 2020High-Definition VideoApril 1, 2020
June, 2020Home Automation SystemsMay 1, 2020
July, 2020Managed/Hosted Access ControlJune 1, 2020
August, 2020Third-Party Central StationsJuly 1, 2020
September, 2020Outdoor Perimeter ProtectionAugust 1, 2020
October, 2020Video VerificationSeptember 1, 2020
November, 2020Residential IoTOctober 1, 2020
December, 2020Innovations in Video Surveillance and Access ControlNovember 1, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How many purchase decision makers does this program reach?

SS&I’s digital edition reaches 18,031 security industry professionals. Of those, 88% (15,867) have an integral role in purchase decisions and 43% (7,753) have final purchase authority.

Do registrants need to pay for these courses?

No. All courses on SST are free.

What is the cost of this program?

There is a one-time development fee of $3,900. After that, there is an ongoing monthly fee of $600.

How many leads can we expect per month and at what CPL?

SS&I reaches 18,031 subscribers each month through its digital edition, with an open rate of 17%, yielding 3,060 impressions. We project a click-through rate for these courses of 10%, which would result in approximately 300 registrations.

$3,900 development cost/300 registrations = $13 CPL

On an ongoing basis, the course will be available to a growing number of thousands of SST members as well as new registrants for other courses promoted through the monthly Securing Success article. We project a minimum of 50 new course registrants each month, yielding an ongoing CPL of $12.

$600 monthly fee/50 registrations = $12 CPL

How else will this program provide a positive ROI?

While the cost-per-lead is very attractive, ROI is really driven by the increase in sales you can expect from dealers and integrators much better trained and equipped to promote and sell your products and services. 

For example, a very conservative estimate is that a dealer or integrator going through this program will see an increase of at least ten percent in sales volume. So it’s safe to say that even just a single dealer increasing sales by 10 percent will more than pay for this program.

How else will dealers and integrators be made aware of these courses?

The course will be directly promoted to thousands of currently registered SST members. Sources of new registrants includes major dealer programs such as and Resideo, who have partnered with us to provide training content and are pushing their thousands of dealers and integrators into the program. SST and its courses are also being promoted by partner security industry manufacturers and service providers. There will be additional publicity for this program through SS&I.

How will we access course lead registrations?

You will be provided with a downloadable CSV list with registrant information on a weekly basis. The list will include registrant name, title, company name, phone number, email address and course registration date.

What type of course content can we provide?

What you provide through your proprietary module in terms of lessons and resources is completely up to you. You may also provide links to resources on your own website if you prefer to only grant dealers and integrators access on your own platform. We will work with you to develop content and delivery that best fits your needs and objectives.

Can we use course content developed with SST on our own?

Yes. You are free (and encouraged) to use any course content in your own business development and sales efforts independent of the SST platform.

Can you give an example of marketing and sales tools you provide for dealers and integrators?

In addition to training, the focus of SST is to provide the actual tools and support needed to put ideas into action.

For example, we know that dealers and integrators should be using an e-newsletter (among other methods) to let their clients know about the benefits of new technologies. Yet very few have one in place or, if they do, use it effectively for this purpose.

As part of this program, we can set up an e-newsletter program for a dealer/integrator and include content focused on the technology and products featured in the course. 

We can also help them create and implement a variety of other business development tools, including blog posts, videos, social media marketing and much more.

As a program participant, you will have direct input into the development of these marketing and sales support tools.

Do we need to commit to the monthly program?

No. You can opt out of the program at any time.

Can you help us develop our own proprietary eLearning platform?

Yes. You can get more information on our eLearning development services here

For more details about this program, contact us using the form below to schedule an individual conversation.

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