A focal point of our mission is to collect, organize and disseminate the very best security sales and marketing information available. To do that, we actively seek out and partner with top-level experts and organizations, both inside and outside the industry, to develop content.

You can participate in the program in a number of ways:

  • Be a guest on our videocast and/or podcast program
  • Post articles to our blog
  • Contribute and provide feedback on course content
  • Work with us to develop a sales and business development e-learning course for your specific products or services
  • Link to your sales and marketing content from SST
  • Join one or more of our advisory boards to review content in your area of expertise

As an SST Partner you will:

  • Reach thousands of security industry professionals who are actively seeking ways to grow their sales careers and companies
  • Develop strong relationships as a recognized expert and program adviser on the portal
  • Help our industry grow and become more professional (especially important in this ever-changing environment)

If you are an equipment manufacturer, central station, security services provider or manage a dealer program, would it be helpful if:

  • Your dealer sales representatives were better trained on the key fundamentals of sales and business development?
  • They better understood how to engage the best prospects for your products and services?
  • They incorporated your products and services into an organized business development game plan?
  • They focused more time and attention on your specific products and services?
  • They had the tools, training and support needed to effectively move prospects for your products and services through every stage of the sales funnel?

I am constantly told that the one thing our industry needs, perhaps more than anything else, is world-class training and support in the areas of sales and marketing. There is near universal agreement that a resource like SST is very much needed, which is why it has been created.

If you agree, also see the need and want to be involved, I invite you to join me and other leading industry organizations and professionals already on board. Together, we will continue to expand and improve this effort for the benefit of all in this exciting and very important industry.

I’m sure you have questions, so if this sounds interesting the next step is for us to talk. You can get in touch with me using the form on this page to schedule a conversation.

Best regards,

Partner Information

Partner Information

I'd like to know more about how I might get involved in educating and supporting the security industry. Please get in touch to schedule a conversation.

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