It’s no secret that online marketing has become a focal point of business development efforts in recent years. And it’s only going to grow in importance as we move ahead. This episode covers some of the basics of what makes an online marketing program successful and how you can get started on or improve your online marketing efforts.

  • Why your target audience(s) should heavily influence your choice of social media platform(s)
  • How online marketing targets the right message at the right time to the right audience
  • Which online marketing tools are the best choice for specific goals and objectives
  • How to effectively integrate social media into your other marketing and business development efforts
  • Why the ROI on online marketing is so attractive for security organizations
  • How to use online marketing to “piggyback” off your competitors’ marketing campaigns
  • How to use online marketing to put prospect relationship building on “autopilot”
  • How online marketing helps maximize conversions from your website traffic
  • How to use online marketing to develop a steady lead flow with a very predictable cost-per-lead

Dylan Carpenter
Online Marketing Specialist & Former Account Manager at Facebook

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