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Module 1 | The Foundation for Security Sales Success

Key Concepts and Ideas:

  • How to change a security sales job into a professional, rewarding and highly-paid career.
  • Why “one-size-fits-all” security sales presentations don’t work.
  • How old-school closing routines kill sales.
  • How to position yourself as more than a salesperson.
  • How to turn one-time customers into lifetime clients.
  • The anatomy of highly-successful security sales professionals.
  • The single most-important security buying decision factor. (No, it’s not price).

The original foundation for this course is the Security Sales Mastery e-book. While the ideas and concepts in the e-book still hold very true, it does not include all of the updated content you will find in the modular course. That said, you will still find it useful as a supplement to this course. 

Step 1: Watch the video.

Step 2: Review the supplemental material.

Step 3: Check Your Understanding With a Short Quiz.


Step 4: Join Us in the Workshops.