Working With Architects, Engineers and Consultants


  • Definition: Architects design buildings and spaces, considering functionality, aesthetics, and safety.
  • Role in Sales: They influence decisions on integrated security systems during the design phase of a building. Partnering with architects allows a sales consultant to be involved early in the planning process, ensuring security systems are seamlessly integrated into the overall design.


  • Definition: Engineers, particularly in the fields of electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering, are responsible for the practical aspects of building and system designs.
  • Role in Sales: They provide technical expertise in implementing security systems. Collaborating with engineers can help ensure that the proposed security solutions are feasible, efficient, and align with the technical specifications of a project.


  • Definition: Consultants in the security industry offer expert advice on security needs, risk assessment, and system design.
  • Role in Sales: Security consultants often have a deep understanding of specific security challenges and solutions. They can offer insights into the latest technologies and trends, help identify client needs, and propose effective solutions. A sales consultant can leverage this expertise to enhance their proposals and ensure they meet the clientu2019s requirements.

How They Assist in Sales Efforts

  1. Early Involvement: Being part of the conversation from the early stages of building design and planning.
  2. Technical Validation: Ensuring that proposed security solutions are technically sound and feasible.
  3. Enhanced Credibility: Association with respected architects, engineers, and consultants can enhance a sales consultantu2019s credibility.
  4. Access to New Opportunities: These professionals can provide referrals and introductions to new projects and clients.
  5. Customized Solutions: Insight from these professionals helps in tailoring security solutions that align with the specific design and functionality of a building or project.


Architects, engineers, and consultants are crucial in a security sales consultantu2019s network. They not only contribute valuable expertise and credibility but also open doors to new opportunities and collaborations, enabling the development of more effective, integrated, and technically sound security solutions.