SSM9 | Overview & Goals

Solution selling. Customer-centric selling. Question-based selling. SPIN Selling.

No matter the name, it’s all about the very same thing: truly understanding your prospects and their needs so you can do the best possible job of creating value for them.

Again, it’s all about emotional triggers. People might justify purchase decisions on logic, but they make them on emotion.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s only true for B to C sales. That’s a trap. Business professionals also make decisions based on emotion. (“What will my boss say?” “Will this put my job at risk?” “This will make me a hero!”) People always base purchase decisions on what’s in it for them personally. Understand and accept this fundamental truth, and you’re way ahead in the game.

Security products and services alone are commodities. So sales consultants are the differentiators. Sales consultants are the primary reason a prospect chooses one company over another. And sales consultants create that difference and competitive advantage by creating custom-fit solutions and maximum value with those “commodity” products and services.

Returning to the medical analogy, all surgeons have access to the same surgical tools and technology. Yet of course it’s the skill of a particular surgeon in using those tools and technology that determines whether the patient lives or dies. This is also quite literally true in the security business.

Given access to exactly the same products and services, a top-tier sales consultant will create a far better solution than a mediocre rep. How are they able to do that? By fully understanding their prospects situation and needs through effective questioning and active listening. And not to be overly dramatic, but your abilities in this area can also have life-and-death consequences.

Helping you make that critical transition is largely what this entire program is all about.