SSM8 | Overview & Goals

If I were forced to single out just one part of the sales call process as the “most important,” this would be it.

Yes, I know I’ve said all parts of a sales call are of equal importance, and I’m standing by that.

But if you want to really set yourself apart from almost all other security sales reps, this is where you can really shine – and have a lot of fun doing it.

Every sales trainer in every industry will tell you that building rapport with your prospect from the start is essential. But that’s especially important and valuable in the security industry, isn’t it? After all, if you’re going to entrust the safety and security of your home, family, business and employees to someone, the first thing you want is good rapport.

Yet so many so-called sales consultants in our industry are absolutely terrible at this step. In fact, they usually have no conscious awareness that it’s even important and skip it altogether.

Often because they came up from the operations side of things, they want to jump right into the technical bells and whistles without first getting their prospects at ease. That’s one of the main reasons the typical closing rate hovers around 25 to 30 percent.

So again, if you want to set yourself apart and double your closing rate, focus a lot of attention right here. If you do this step right, you’ll be way down the road to closing the sale after just the first five minutes.

It really is that important and powerful.