SSM7 | Overview & Goals

Far too many sales training programs skip right over this super-important step. 

But the fact is that pre-call preparation should be considered an absolutely essential phase in the sales process. Preparation is one of those areas that sets superstar sales consultants apart from the also-rans.

I’m going to assume I don’t need to sell you on the need to prepare ahead of your sales calls. If that was your mindset, you wouldn’t have gotten this far. You understand why pre-call preparation is so critical to your success, and that it can help you in so many ways on the call. You know that taking time to prepare will make your call go much more smoothly and dramatically boost your odds of closing the sale.

(And by the way, this preparation step also includes your other key centers of influence, such as your networking partners. We’ll get into that much more in the Business Development course.)

That said, in my experience most sales consultants do not adequately prepare ahead of a call. Often because they just don’t make the time and/or because they don’t know what to research. And when on the call, that lack of preparation really hamstrings the opportunity to complete the sale. In fact, it often ends up slamming the gate shut entirely. (I’ve seen it happen far too many times.) While certainly important for residential security, preparation is even more important for larger commercial sales.

After completing this module, you will have a clear understanding of the value of pre-call preparation, what to research during this critically important phase, and how to use that information during your call to help complete the sale.

(Note: Yes, I know I said that you shouldn’t look at your sales calls as a battle between you and your prospect. Still absolutely true. The Sun Tzu quote is just to make the point.)