SSM6 I Action Item 2 | Get Moving

Create and Implement a 3-Month Action Plan

If you’re anything like me, you want “less talking, more doing.” So let’s start putting all that new knowledge and information to work, shall we?

I’m pretty sure at this stage you’re getting into the swing of things and your mind is in full gear with respect to what we’re doing here. My goal is to get you quickly to a stage where “the training wheels come off” and you’ll need less and less direction when it comes to creating and implementing your game plan.

So the time has finally come to put flesh our your plan of attack and then start attacking. You will find a download link on this page for a sample business development game plan that’s pretty typical of what I use with a sales rep just getting started on this program. Download it below and refer to it as I go through a few other observations and ideas for successful implementation below.

  1. By design, this plan focuses on the fundamentals. Many reps who do this well have no need (after an initial short ramp up period) to do anything else to keep their sales opportunity pipeline full.
  2. Failure to get results from this program almost always boils down to one single thing. (Can you guess what it is?) If it’s implemented systematically, it will absolutely work beyond your greatest hopes. It’s that simple.
  3. Just because we use residential security as an example, don’t think it won’t work just as effectively for system integrators, commercial security, guard services, cybersecurity, etc. At this point, you know better. Adapt the process for your own situation. (Don’t let anyone tell you, “Oh, this business is different.” It’s not. The widget might be different and you might use slightly different tools and messaging, but the process is always the same.)

Ready to get rolling? You know what to do.