SSM4 | Overview & Goals

Let’s Start Filling That Funnel

While having great sales skills is of course essential to your success, you need to do something before you can put those stellar sales skills to work. And of course that something is keeping yourself constantly in front of qualified prospects.

I learned very early on that top-rung sales professionals spend 80% of their time doing one of only two things. Either directly in front of or communicating with prospects or taking very specific steps to get themselves in front of prospects. (As you’ll see, once you get rolling, getting yourself in front of quality prospects will be an increasingly easy task.)

The reality is that most salespeople fail not because they can’t sell. They fail because they don’t get enough face time with prospects who are ready, willing and able to buy. It’s a source of major stress that can quickly lead to burnout. (I call this condition “FUD”, short for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.)

So that’s why we start here.

The very good new is that if you want to develop a steady stream of high quality prospects (and of course you do), there’s no better place to be than the security industry. Think about it. After physiological needs like food and shelter, the next level needs are safety and security. So the demand and need is unquestionably there in big numbers, and always will be.

Then why is it so often a challenge for security sales consultants to be constantly in front of great prospects? Two primary reasons. One, they don’t know how to focus their efforts on the best prospects and two, they don’t know how to get the attention of those prospects and move them effectively to the sale in an increasingly noisy world.

But as you’re about to learn, this isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think or experienced up to this point. In fact, not only is it really not that difficult it’s a lot of fun. Once you master the fundamentals.

So let’s start moving you into that very pleasant situation right now, shall we?