SSM5 | Overview & Goals

Taking Business Development to Another Level

First off, congratulations! If you’ve made it even this far you’re way ahead in the game versus your competitors. You should already be seeing some very exciting results from your efforts in implementing the business development fundamentals from Module 4.

In fact, it’s not unusual for dealers and their sales teams to spend a few months solely focused on Module 4 activities and doing unbelievably well digging in those particular goldmines. In fact, I encourage that to be the focus for at least a couple of months in most cases.

Ready to take it to another level entirely and have even more fun and bring in even more business? Well then, of course you’re in the right place.

Before diving into this module, I want to set the stage for you a bit by explaining the common thread weaving through all of these programs. And that’s the concept of “relationship marketing” (aka, “personal branding”).

Now, I’ve been told that branding doesn’t work in the security industry (although I’ve never gotten a very clear explanation for why some people think that’s true). I couldn’t disagree more.

Think about your own hometown for a moment. Are there (as one example), real estate agents that dominate the area? Of course, real estate is at least as competitive as security, yet typically a handful of real estate agents get the lion’s share of the business.

Why is this the case? Of course you know. It’s their reputation.

And security is no different. In fact, if anything, reputation (and trust, credibility, expertise, etc.) is arguably even more important for a security consultant. Yet very few security dealers or sales reps position themselves this way. That’s why security sales consultants who do understand the super-powerful impact of positioning themselves through a “reputation marketing” program end up being part of the 10 percent that sell 90 percent.

Ready to start dominating your market and putting fear into the hearts of your competition?

Well then let’s go!