How to Mine Your Client Base

How to Mine Your Client Base for New Business Opportunities Instructor: Jen Tagle, Business Development Manager, Resideo

Key Concepts Covered in This Video:

Dealer and Business Development Experience

  • Jen’s extensive background
    • In-depth experience in dealer development
    • Knowledge in business development strategies

Dealer Engagement and Strategy Customization

  • Regular field visits to understand dealer needs
    • Gathering insights on challenges and preferences
  • Recognizing unique strategies for each dealer
    • Adapting approaches to individual dealer needs

Business Strategy Adaptation

  • Importance of evolving business strategies
    • Learning what works and what doesn’t
  • Networking with a range of dealers
    • Sharing successful strategies and common challenges

Customer Relationship and Business Growth

  • Mining the existing customer base for opportunities
    • Leveraging established client relationships
  • Embracing technological advancements
    • Staying current with industry tech developments

Sales and Client Interaction Techniques

  • Personal client visits and system checks
    • Regular testing and updates on new developments
  • Leveraging emerging technologies in sales
  • Emotional engagement in understanding customer needs
    • Identifying emotional motives behind security needs

Sales Training and Time Management

  • Systematic approach to sales
    • Implementing structured training and methodologies
  • Effective time management for client outreach
    • Setting dedicated times for follow-ups and client meetings

Differentiating from DIY Systems

  • Offering customized security solutions
    • Tailoring services to outperform DIY systems
  • Storytelling to create an emotional connection
    • Using real-life stories to demonstrate value

Professional Development Programs

  • Introduction of Pro Perks Program
    • Providing sales training and support to dealers
  • Hands-on field training and coaching
    • Practical training sessions for sales teams