SSM4 | Action Item 1

Organizing for Success: Your CRM

Your first step in this very first action item is to pull a report on your last 50 leads from any source and review:

  • when the lead came in
  • the source of the lead
  • who is responsible for the lead
  • where it is in the sales funnel
  • the last step taken
  • the next planned step

Could you do it? Quickly? If yes, congratulations! You can check this Action Item off and move on to Action Item #2.

But if not (and that’s likely the case), guess what your very first Action Item is?

That’s right. You need to put a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. Why? Well, the reason is obvious from the exercise you just did, isn’t it?

You’re about to start filling your sales funnel with many new opportunities. But there’s little point in doing that if you won’t be able to effectively manage those leads. And that of course is the purpose of a CRM.

A CRM will make sure that none of those hard-won opportunities is “orphaned” and falls through a crack in the floor. It will help “automate” the process of retouches throughout the marketing and sales channel, saving you time and making the process much more effective. It will reduce your cost-per-lead and increase your ROI. It will keep you from damaging your reputation with prospects, partners and others. And in some cases, you will need a CRM to implement some of the tactics you’ll soon be learning about.

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