SSM2 | Overview & Goals

Everything Starts in the Mind

In Module One, we touched on the (very) important idea that how you think has a tremendous impact on every aspect of your life. And that certainly includes your success in the security sales field.

In this module, we dive deeper into the mindset you need to develop and cultivate to really ramp up your results. A nice side benefit is that learning how to properly and positively focus your mind will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

A central objective of this module is get you to begin positioning yourself as a trusted security consultant rather than an alarm system salesperson. (If you’re already doing that – which I know many of you are – we’ll continue to build on those efforts.)

When you start to view yourself this way, you will have gone a long way toward getting your prospects and clients to view you that way. And with this fundamental “mind shift,” you’re immediately much further down the road to reaching your goals.

Another great result of this shift, and a focal point of this module, is to help you put the whole idea of “closing” in the right perspective. If you think “closing” is the most important and most difficult part of the sales process, you will have an entirely new perspective when you complete this module.

Finally, a key goal of this module is to begin providing you with a sales presentation structure and process that you can begin to use immediately to improve your closing results. (As you’ll soon see, we’ll be replacing the words “presentation” and “closing” with much better terms.) We will build on this initial foundation as we move ahead

Once again, congratulations for doing this work. If you’re implementing these ideas (which I’m sure you are), it’s a safe bet that you’re already beginning to reap the benefits of your efforts, including a growing “positive mental attitude.”