SSM12 | Action Item 1 | Sales Call Analysis

We don’t learn nearly as much from what we do right as we do from our mistakes.

I’ve always advised salespeople that, even if they don’t get the sale they come away with something almost as valuable. Information and feedback. So after every sales call you should do an honest self-analysis. 

We’ll get into the idea of learning from every sales interaction in Module 14. But for this exercise, let’s get the process started by doing a simple analysis of some of your most recent calls. Write down your last 10 new-appointment calls and ask yourself four simple questions:

  1. Did I make a clear “ask for agreement”?
  2. Did I make it at the right time?
  3. Did I make it in the right way?
  4. How could I have been more effective (if you didn’t answer an emphatic “Yes!” to all three questions)?

Sales managers: Right after a sales call be sure to do an immediate coaching session with your sales consultant. We’ll cover this in depth in the sales management courses and modules.