SSM11 | Overview & Goals

The primary goal of this part of the SSM program is to get you to focus on a single yet very important concept.

Always remember and deeply internalize the idea that you are not selling security systems. You are providing custom tailored solutions that expertly solve your client’s safety and security concerns and issues. (Even those they haven’t yet consciously identified themselves.)

If you are at all concerned about DIY systems encroaching on your residential business, this is where you can really shine and differentiate. Most people really don’t want to (or have the ability to) design their own security system. Sure, they can set up and install various security devices, but can they do it correctly? The answer in almost all cases is no. So the end result is that they’re not nearly as well protected as they would be if they had a professional design their security solution for them.

While the commercial side of things isn’t (yet) seeing much encroachment from DIY providers, it will still be to your great advantage to use a consultative sales approach during system design. 

This is your key point-of-difference, so take full advantage of the opportunity to position yourself here as a trusted (and needed) security advisor. 

Take the time to learn how to do this phase of the sales process correctly and not only will you close more sales, you will have “clients for life” that send you a steady stream of new business opportunities.