SSM10 | Overview & Goals

As with all security and automation products and related services, technology marches on rapidly. And this includes all the various ways to demonstrate system functionality on a sales call.

This is both a blessing and a curse.

The blessing, of course, is that these new tools help us showcase much more of the “sizzle” behind today’s incredible security technology and its capabilities. The curse (as I’m sure you also recognize) is that we as security consultants can become so enamored with the technology that it can deter us from making that all important emotional connection.

The objective here is to learn how to effectively blend the “demo technology” during the sales process in a way that enhances, rather than reduces, the prospect’s experience.

Some key takeaways from this module:

  1. Don’t jump right into a “bells and whistles” demo without doing a proper needs assessment first.
  2. Only demo system features that you have tied to a direct (and verified) client want, need or problem.
  3. Involve the prospect physically in the demonstration.
  4. Be aware of prospect personality type when deciding what and how to demo.
  5. Think in terms of “solution” rather than “system” demo.
  6. Watch prospect and body language carefully. Don’t over-demonstrate!

While I’m a big believer in doing a demo, this is also the phase of the sales process where many security sales consultants derail themselves. Follow the keys to the demo we’ll cover in this module, and you will give yourself yet another major competitive advantage and method to successfully complete more sales.