SSM10 | Action Item 1 | Pre-planning the Demo

As with every phase of the sales process, you should do your research and anticipate the situation, problems, needs, wants and buying motives of your prospects. Then think ahead about how you will adapt your sales process on each call accordingly. 

And the demo is certainly no exception to that rule.

This exercise is a follow up to the needs assessment role play action item from Module 9. Using the information developed in the needs assessment, think through how you would “customize” the demo for that particular prospect. Now go back and review your last five calls. How could you have better adapted the demo to those specific situations?

Your ongoing action item here is to pre-plan your demos ahead of each sales call, using the information gathered in the pre-call preparation stage. What you actually demo may change based on new information you get on the actual call, but planning and preparing ahead of time will put you way out in front from the very start.