SSM1 | Overview & Goals

Can You Focus Better Than a Goldfish?

Success in any endeavor first involves having the right mindset, and that’s what this first module is all about.

We’re all busy, and no doubt you have many things on your mind at this very moment that are pressing hard for your attention. So it’s easy to be distracted and not fully focused on the content. (Researchers say that our attention span is about eight seconds, while that of a goldfish is nine seconds. I believe it.)

So it takes real work and concentration to focus. I get it.

What gets us to focus on something is largely the perceived payoff. If we’re going to devote time and attention to something, it better be worth it. This will absolutely be worth it, as you’ll soon prove to yourself. But you need to zero in. Right here. Right now.

A couple of crucial tips here. 

First, dedicate a specific block of time to this program and put it on your calendar. At first, it might be only an hour a week. That’s perfectly fine. An hour each week is all I ask to start getting you where you want to go. Give me an hour a week, and I promise to give back information, knowledge, tools and tactics that will begin paying off immediately.

But you have to block out the time and treat it as absolutely essential. As essential as an appointment with your most important client. If you wouldn’t cancel that because you were “too busy” with something else, treat this the same way.

To be perfectly blunt, if you won’t commit to that, STOP RIGHT HERE. Cancel your membership right now. This program isn’t for you.

Second, get out of the office. Go to the nearest coffee shop, by the pool at home, the local library, a quiet park… anywhere you won’t be distracted. And then focus.

Can you do that? Great! You’re on your way to greater success and satisfaction. (And have better concentration skills than a goldfish.)

To your great success!