SSM3 I Action Item #2

Dominant Buying Motive Analysis

As covered in this module, one very important sales skill is the ability to ascertain the prospect’s dominant buying motive (DBM), and then be laser focused on addressing that pain point. Then, and only then, should you address secondary buying motives.

How well are you doing in the area of DBM identification and focus? For this exercise, write down the names of your last five sales appointments (whether they closed or not).

For each appointment, write down the prospect’s dominant buying motive. If you’re not sure, take a guess but indicate that it wasn’t clearly identified. Then write down the second and third most important prospect “pain point” buying motive.

For each buying motive, give yourself a grade of A – F based on how well you addressed that particular issue. Then write down how you could have improved in this area on that particular call.