Lead Magnets: What They Are and How to Use Them

Do you want to attract the right kind of traffic to your website? Just as importantly, do you want to convert as much of that traffic as possible into high-quality leads and sales? Then you need to include lead magnets as part of your marketing funnel strategy. 

In this episode of the SST Webcast, Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative covers what lead magnets are and how to use them to maximize results from your website. 

  • Why almost all of your website traffic leaves without converting
  • Why leading with product and price at the top of the funnel is a losing strategy
  • Why typical calls-to-action fail and how to fix them to immediately boost lead conversions
  • What positioning strategy is most effective with security prospects and how to use it
  • The single most important website traffic conversion objective 
  • Proven ways to identify great topics for lead magnet creation
  • The various methods you can use to turn topics into content that converts
  • The five prospect benefits every lead magnet should deliver
  • Why “the money is in the list” when it comes to generating high-quality leads
  • How to repurpose content for use in every stage of your lead generation funnel

Guest Instructor: Barry Feldman, Feldman Creative | feldmancreative.com