How to Use the Call List for Business Development

How to Use the Call List for Business Development
Instructor: Dean Belisle, Director of Key Accounts, DMP

Key Concepts Covered in This Video:

  • Business Training in Security and Sales:
    • Importance of tailoring sales approaches to the team’s capabilities rather than trying to adapt to new methods.
    • Emphasis on trust-building in security and safety system sales.
  • Client Engagement and Referral Strategies:
    • Transitioning from a direct sales approach to a more customer service-focused strategy.
    • Importance of asking for referrals at the right time, typically post-installation.
    • Utilizing a pre-existing call list of trusted individuals provided by clients.
  • Effective Use of Call Lists:
    • Leveraging call lists as a hidden asset for referrals and business growth.
    • Importance of informing people on the call list about their inclusion and role.
    • Strategies for engaging with individuals on the call list, including phone calls, emails and website content.
  • Customer Service Approach in Sales:
    • Shifting from a direct sales pitch to providing valuable customer service.
    • Engaging with people on the call list to explain the security system and gather additional contact information.
    • Using customer service interactions to identify potential sales opportunities.
  • Sales and Marketing Opportunities:
    • Capitalizing on every client interaction as a potential sales opportunity.
    • The significance of updating contact information and using it for marketing and sales.
    • Utilizing digital tools like websites and social media for client engagement and updates.
  • Product Knowledge and Client Education:
    • Importance of educating clients and their contacts about security systems.
    • Handling different levels of client familiarity with security systems.
    • Offering demos and additional information to assist clients and their contacts in understanding the systems better.
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Strategies:
    • Opportunities to offer additional products like smoke detectors or water detection systems.
    • Using life events or special promotions as a conversation starter for upselling.
  • Customer Service and Sales Integration:
    • Blending customer service calls with sales opportunities.
    • Approaching every client interaction with a service-first attitude.
  • Continuous Client Communication and Engagement:
    • Importance of staying in touch with clients and keeping them informed.
    • Utilizing newsletters and updates to maintain client engagement and trust.
  • Overall Strategy and Flexibility:
    • Being flexible and adaptable in approach depending on the client’s needs.
    • Recognizing and utilizing every client interaction as an opportunity for business growth.