BD02 | Overview & Goals

“I don’t worry about what my competitors are doing. I just focus on my business.”

Whenever I hear something like that from a business owner or manager (inside or outside the security industry), I stifle a chuckle and say: “Wow! That’s fantastic. So you’ve driven all other companies out of your market area and attract and close 100% of all the available business in your target markets? That’s incredible. How did you do it?” (Yes, I’ve annoyed some people over the years.)

Can you imagine an NFL head coach saying: “We don’t bother scouting other teams. We just focus on what we’re doing.” Ridiculous, right? That team would have zero chance of even getting close to a playoff berth, much less the Super Bowl. Yet most security companies pay little attention to their competition – other than to moan when they lose a prospect or even a current client to them.

Competition is always a factor, but they are not a focal point of our business development efforts. We’re not trying to mimic and copy what they do (which is usually a very bad idea anyway). But we do need to understand why we might be losing business to them (so we can address that relative weakness) and analyze their weak spots (relative to what’s important to our target prospects). That knowledge will provide the ammunition we need to fully exploit potential opportunities – including directly targeting their under-served customers.

As we covered in the Security Sales Mastery course, the idea here is to truly dominate your market area. By dominate, I mean to do the absolute best job serving your chosen targets and your community, whether that’s a geographic area or a specific target segment. To create such a strong reputation and position as a trusted security advisor that you become virtually the only viable option. 

Sound like fun? It really is. Let’s move on.