Audio: Advanced Security Business Development

While this course is titled “Advanced Business Development,” a bit of a disclaimer. In this context “Advanced” really means “Next Level After the Fundamentals”… but that was a little long for a title. Probably a more appropriate title would have been “Security Business Development – Level 2 Fundamentals”. The point is, you will definitely be introduced to some ideas that would be considered “advanced” for most security companies and their sales reps. That said, you will really get into “advanced” strategies and tactics as we drill down and expand on this foundation in other courses.

The content in this module provides a comprehensive guide on business development, particularly focusing on becoming a lead development machine in the security industry. It emphasizes the significance of determination and introduces the concept of “Market Domination.” 

1. Introduction:

  • The content starts with a motivational quote by Vince Lombardi, emphasizing determination over strength and knowledge.
  • It sets the stage for diving deeper into business development, aiming to turn the learner into a lead development machine while enjoying the process.

2. Market Domination:

  • The section outlines strategies for dominating the market and stresses the importance of persistence, proper tools, and training.
  • It introduces the concept of credibility marketing or reputation marketing, aiming to position oneself as a security expert.

3. Credibility Marketing:

  • The content discusses the power of being seen as a trusted, knowledgeable, and credible advisor in the security industry.
  • It suggests becoming an author or a respected blogger to establish authority, emphasizing the root of ‘authority’ is ‘author.’

4. Leveraging Print Publications:

  • It advises on writing articles related to home security and submitting them to local newspapers and magazines.
  • The section provides a detailed strategy on how to approach editors and get articles published.

5. Gaining Airtime on Local Media:

  • The content suggests leveraging local fame to get free airtime on local radio and television broadcasts.
  • It highlights the importance of having a professional website and tailoring content to the audience of the radio or TV program.

6. Community Relations:

  • The section advocates for creating goodwill and positive visibility through community relations programs.
  • It shares a detailed example of the “West Tech Award for Youth Heroism” to illustrate the impact of such programs.

7. Affinity Programs:

  • The content introduces affinity marketing, setting up mutually beneficial arrangements with local organizations.
  • It provides examples of how to collaborate with schools, religious organizations, and nonprofits to create a win-win situation.

8. Security Seminar and Webinar Programs:

  • The section suggests organizing seminars and webinars on security topics to establish oneself as a local expert.
  • It offers practical tips on developing presentations, finding the right audience, and leveraging these events for business development.

9. Internet Marketing:

  • The content emphasizes the crucial role of internet marketing and suggests creating a professional website.
  • It introduces various online marketing strategies, including webinars, e-newsletters, podcasting, and blogging.

10. Implementing the Strategies (Plate Spinning Strategy):

  • The section advises on a phased approach to implementing the strategies, comparing it to spinning plates.
  • It encourages starting with one strategy, getting it running, and then gradually adding more, ensuring not to lose momentum on any.

11. Conclusion and Next Steps:

  • The content concludes by promising to guide on getting organized and starting to implement these strategies in the next section.

In essence, the content is a detailed guide on establishing oneself as a leading authority in the security industry through various marketing and community engagement strategies, emphasizing the importance of credibility and a systematic, persistent approach.