Thank you for your interest in learning more about becoming an SST Content Contributor. 

No doubt you’re asking, what exactly is SST?

In short, the purpose of SST is to provide an all-inclusive sales and marketing support portal for the security industry. All-inclusive means exactly that. Anyone who wishes to contribute content to the portal (after vetting) may do so in any way they deem would be most useful for members. (More information on SST’s mission is available here.)

That content can be in the form of video, audio, recorded presentations, videocast or podcast interviews, blog posts, webinars, worksheets, marketing and sales collaterals… virtually anything related to sales training and support.

What need is SST addressing?

There is almost universal agreement that the security industry needs more and better support in the areas of marketing and sales. Many dealers and integrators have extensive technical background and knowledge, but often lack the training and resources needed on the sales and marketing side of the equation. This need has become even more acute with advances in technology (e.g., IoT, convergence). And new entrants with far more marketing savvy and resources are putting traditional security organizations at significant risk.

While training programs of course exist, they are almost always focused on technical issues. The few security-specific sales and business development programs that are available have significant limitations that make them relatively ineffective:

  • they are confined to the expertise of a single individual or small group
  • they are closed to security dealers and integrators not in a specific program
  • they are limited in scope, breadth and depth
  • they are not readily accessible at all times in an online format
  • they are not organized in cohesive, step-by-step programs
  • they are not properly sequenced to fit specific situations and needs
  • there is no mechanism for follow up, participant feedback and results measurement
  • they do not provide the resources required for successful marketing and sales implementation
  • they can be expensive for both trainers and trainees

SST addresses all of these issues.

Is there any cost to participate?

As the security industry’s first and only MOOC, there is no fee for either members or contributors to participate. (If you would like a course or an entire elearning platform developed for your specific products, services or dealer program, that option is available for a fee.)

Why should I participate as a contributor?

To help determine if you should join us as a contributor, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would it be helpful for my own career advancement or organization to develop strong relationships with thousands of security dealers, integrators and professionals?
  • Would it be helpful if my dealers and integrators were better trained to market and sell my products and services?
  • Would it be helpful if my dealers and integrators had access to the widest possible range of marketing and sales implementation support tools and programs?
  • Do I want to help the security industry be more professional and successful?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider joining us as a contributor.

What can I contribute?

You can use our platform and tools to develop an entire course, or you might just want to add a single piece of content to a course lesson. It’s entirely up to you. You will receive full credit and link-backs for any content you contribute.

Sound interesting or have other questions? Complete the form on this page to schedule a personal conversation with me about the program and how your participation could be beneficial for both you and the industry. 

I look forward to talking with you!

SST Contributor Inquiry

SST Contributor Inquiry

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