eTraining Course Development for Suppliers

Customized eTraining programs for security product manufacturers and service providers that will give you a powerful competitive advantage, create more dealer loyalty and focus, and help you crush your sales goals.

You’ve experienced it yourself. You go to a live sales training seminar or webinar. You get trained on a few marketing/sales ideas or a product or service. Maybe you’re charged up about it right after, but how long does that last? How long did it take for the first “fire” back at the office to push it completely out of your mind?

The Resources to Take Real Action for Real Results

Even if you do remember (not likely), do you know how to convert that information into action? Does your sales and marketing team (those that could make it, anyway) know how to put it into action to improve results? Do you have the tools and resources needed to make it happen?

Sales trainers themselves, when they’re being completely open and honest, will tell you that one-shot “rah-rah” sessions alone really aren’t worth all that much when the dust clears.

So if that’s how you’re currently training your dealers or integrators to sell and market your stuff (if you’re training them at all), this is very likely the situation you’re in. Having been on both the dealer, manufacturing and central station side of things in my career that’s exactly the boat I was in, so I can completely relate. (And things have gotten exponentially more competitive since then.)

Put the Focus on You

Making matters worse, with all of the competing security products and services out there, how do you cut through the noise and get dealers and their sales teams to focus enough time on you?

Well, what if your dealers and their sales teams had:

  • an always accessible and highly engaging eTraining platform that trained them to effectively market and sell your products and services?
  • a full suite of “go-to-market” business development and sales tools they could immediately use to crank up lead volume?
  • a “plan of action” that got them focused on your products and services as a key part of their day-to-day activity?
  • regular and systematic engagement and reinforcement?

Would that help you reach your goals?

We can develop a comprehensive sales eTraining program for your products and services that includes:

  • why dealers should want to focus on your products and services
  • how your products and services will create new growth opportunities
  • who the primary target audiences are and how to effectively engage and communicate with them
  • how to set up a systematic sales funnel that consistently creates new sales opportunities for your products and services
  • how to effectively present your products and services to prospects and current customers


You will be able to track who has enrolled in your course, monitor their progress and get direct feedback and questions from dealers, integrators and their sales teams.

In addition to being made available to thousands of members looking for this type of information on SST (or only members you select), we can also set up your course (or courses) on your own proprietary e-learning platform.

Knowledge + Action = Power

Knowledge is only power when it’s turned into action. And that’s where our program really shines.

Because we’re solely focused on the security industry, we provide a complete business development and sales implementation program that doesn’t stop with training.

After your dealers and their sales teams are trained, we can equip them with a complete, ready-to-go suite of business development tools that includes web pages, videos, social media marketing campaigns, blog posts, SEO and PPC, sales collaterals and much more. All laser-focused on your products and services. We can even help them plan, implement and track their campaigns.

Real-World Results Right Now

Given everything that’s competing for their time, your dealers need and want “plug-and-play” programs that work right now and produce real-world results. Provide that for them, and you’re way ahead in the game. Don’t, and you will find yourself increasingly behind in this increasingly online world.

Want to give your dealers the support they need and yourself a real competitive edge in an increasingly noisy and crowded security products and services marketplace? Then get in touch to talk about your situation and how we can help get you where you want to go.

Online sales training is one of the best methods of gaining consistency in knowledge, skills application and sales culture across a decentralised sales team, which most are today in B2B selling. Sales training provides your team with a richer comprehension of your products, services and the industry they serve.

Seven Reasons Why Sales Training is Important

  If you want to outperform the competition, don’t delay adoption of eTraining. Companies who bolster their training strategy with cloud and mobile technologies have a strong advantage that impacts their bottom line and increases their ability to attract and retain top talent.

Is It Time to Take Your Sales Training Online?

  E-learning allows sales teams to brush up on their product knowledge on the go. Through online videos and modules, you can also track progress to ensure that everyone has viewed the necessary materials.

5 Sales Training Techniques Every Manager Should Know

  One of the problems that can cause traditional sales training to become ineffective is simple: Sales people forget the training once it fades from memory or the notes and materials become inaccessible. As a sales manager you can prevent this by making sure that training materials are always available to your sales people.

Creating Effective Salespeople

  Continual sales training is required to sharpen sales skills, keep abreast of the latest thinking, develop better buyer engagement skills and close more deals. With the help of an online sales training provider, a cost-effective sales training program will be up and running in no time.

Benefits of Online Sales Training

  Sales teams who completed online training delivered 23.2 percent more pipeline than similar teams who received live classroom training.

Can Online Sales Training Work Better Than the Classroom?

  Selling organizations are increasingly focused on online sales training solutions. A digital approach allows leaders to share the same training curriculum, at scale, with an entire team. Mobile optimization means that even sales professionals in the field can access and keep pace with training.

The Benefits of Online Sales Training

  Online sales training is valuable because it can be engaged in at any time or place via mobile device, increasing the likelihood of employees regularly participating and learning new sales techniques. The result is often better sales and a healthier bottom line.

3 Statistics that Prove the Value of Online Sales Training

  After one hour, people retain less than half of the information presented. After one day, people forget more than 70 percent of what was taught in training. After six days, people forget 75 percent of the information in their training.

10 Stats About Learning Retention You’ll Want to Forget

Please contact me to discuss how we can implement an e-learning sales training program for my company.