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Security Sales Mastery

For many security salespeople, managers and business owners, trying to reach their sales goals is like putting together a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s a challenge figuring out how all the pieces fit together—and some pieces always seem to be missing!

Security Sales Mastery not only gives you all the pieces, it clearly explains how to put them together to boost sales like never before. It’s your personal guide to security sales success. You’ll learn the powerful techniques used by top security sales professionals. How they position themselves as the #1 security experts in their market areas, develop large and reliable streams of new business opportunities, bring in sales day-in and day-out, dominate their competition and earn huge incomes. That can be your situation in a very short time!

Need more high-quality security sales leads? Then Security Sales Mastery is the key you’ve been looking for. You’ll learn all about the market for security, where to find the best prospects, how to create a territory marketing plan, keep your sales pipeline continually full of high-quality sales appointments and keep prospects from even considering your competitors.

You’ll learn each crucial step in a winning security sales process, including pre-call preparation, building rapport, needs analysis, system design, negotiation and closing, post-call follow up and getting referrals. You’ll be armed with what to say, how to say it, and the tools and techniques you need to get your prospects to say “Yes!” on every sales call.

Selling security doesn’t have to be so difficult. All you need are the pieces of the security sales puzzle and a knowledge of how to put them together to create a beautiful picture of a larger income, more excitement and greater career success. Why struggle with sales a minute longer? If you’re a security company owner or sales consultant—or have responsibility for a security sales team—this program was custom-made for you. It’s the key to your security sales success!

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