The transition from 3G to LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is and has been underway. Of course, this means that security systems and other devices part of the Internet of Things (IoT) that are not upgraded to LTE will simply stop communicating, rendering them essentially useless.  

For many security dealers and integrators, this is seen as a major threat, inconvenience and hardship. But as with many major business transitions, astute and forward-thinking companies recognize the 3G Sunset as a rare and major business-building opportunity.

This course will help you take full advantage of that opportunity while efficiently and effectively managing the upgrade process.

Meet Your 3G Sunset Experts and Success Coaches


Jen Tagle | Business Development Manager | Resideo

Jen is a results-driven sales strategist with over 18 years of achievement and demonstrated success driving revenue growth while providing sales leadership in highly competitive markets. She is a passionate mentor, sales trainer and creative new business development leader focused on customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with external business partners.

Dean Belisle, Business Development Manager

Dean Belisle | Business Development Manager | Resideo

As President of Act Now Alarm, Dean created one of the finest electronic Security and Fire Alarm companies in the nation. With over 30 years of service in the electronic security and fire alarm industry, Dean has served and held leadership roles on several security industry advisory committees. His goal is to work side-by-side with the best professionals in the industry to grow and strengthen their presence and help them achieve their goals.


Dominic Dutton | Technical Solutions Specialist | Resideo

Dominic is a former New York City police officer with 30 years of technical experience in the security industry. He utilizes his strong sales, marketing, technical and writing skills helps to create a wide variety of supporting marketing documents, presentations, and automated tools to make selling electronic security and related applications easier for security dealers. 

When it comes to customer care and creating new business opportunities for our dealers, Resideo is all about being proactive. We recognize our pivotal role in providing safety and security for countless people around the world, and take our responsibility very seriously. That is why we are excited to partner with SST to develop educational courses to keep not only our dealers but the entire industry informed and ready to meet our many collective challenges and opportunities.