When (and How) to Ask for Referrals: Part 2

In Part 1 of this three-part series, I suggested that the best way to ensure you get referrals is to first pave the way for them. (Okay, that’s more than a suggestion.) Most important in this process is to go “above and beyond” the call of duty in giving your new customers a stellar, beyond-their-expectations experience. […]

Direct Mail is a Complete Waste…

That’s right… for a security company direct mail is a complete waste of time and money. Well, usually… kind of… sort of… it depends… The fact is, like any other tool in your marketing toolkit, any particular tactic you employ can be very successful or a complete time-waster and money-pit. The key, of course, is how you […]

When (and How) to Ask for Referrals: Part 1

It’s no secret that referrals are the single best source of new business opportunities. In fact, salespeople who are good at developing referrals often need to do very little else on the prospecting front. (Always a nice position to be in.) Yet the vast majority of security salespeople have relatively few referral leads in their […]

The Security Sales Elevator Pitch

It’s Thursday morning and you’re standing near the back of the line at the neighborhood Starbucks. You strike up a conversation with the person standing behind you, who asks, “So what do you do?” There are only three people in front of you and the clock’s ticking. What do you say? If you aren’t ready with a smooth, interesting […]

The Art of (Security Sales) War

I just finished a phone meeting with another small and relatively new security dealer struggling with business development and trying to stay afloat. He’s tried all kinds of traditional advertising routes: print ads, direct mail, Adwords, door-to-door canvassing. Relatively expensive ventures with very little to show in return. And when he does get a lead […]

The “Write” Way to Success

There are many ways to get quality visitors to your website. Some cost money, while others only require an investment of a little time and effort mixed with a little know-how. Writing and posting articles in key locations on the Internet is a good example of the latter. Done right, article marketing can be highly effective […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Do you remember that old AT&T commercial jingle, “Reach out, reach out and touch someone. Reach out, reach out and just say hi”? (Okay, so I’m dating myself.) The point is, it’s a great marketing idea. And who should be at the top of your “reach out and touch” list? Your customers! I talk with […]

Telling Isn’t Selling

If you’ve participated in one of my live security sales training programs you know I’m a big fan of role playing. One of the best ways to role play is to have training partners take turns playing the role of consultant and customer. (There is no better way to learn and improve than to see […]